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Durablade - blade

APEX Durablade

Why buy short-lived wood dragon boat paddles year after year, when you can buy an alternative that is durable, economical and guaranteed for three years?

Wood paddles just don't stand up to the use and abuse of festival paddlers, and are often replaced after less than a year of service.

Ideal for clubs who want dragon boat paddles that will save them money by lasting much longer than wooden paddles, and also for individuals wanting a high performance paddle at a fraction of the cost of carbon fibre paddles.

This paddle is hand made in Canada.

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Product Details

You Tube Video - The Durablade Torture Test

Product details

  • Polypropylene & fibreglass blade
  • Carbon fibre round shaft
  • New T-Grip full carbon fiber handle
  • 670-799 grams
  • Limited 3 year warranty
  • IDBF 202a approved
  • Proprietary thermoforming process for ultra durability
  • Proudly made by hand in Canada
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