ZRE Razor RX4 - XL

This is the lightest paddle we carry and it's recommended for experienced paddlers only! At around 225gms at 51", you need strong lower arm control with this paddle.

Used and trusted by top athletes all over the world, whether it's Dragon Boat, Outrigger or SUP, paddlers race and win with ZRE paddles.

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Price: $ 495.00
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Black/Red(RRP $60) +$50
Double bag (RRP $70) +$60
IBCPC(RRP $85) +$75

Product Details

Product details

  • IDBF approved.  Licence #3032
  • Full carbon fibre construction
  • Oval shaft - for a more comfortable grip
  • Angled, super-durable, foam core blades with computer balanced weighting this allows minimal turbulence, providing a smooth entry/exit
  • Very rigid blade, made using aerospace grade carbon fibre
  • Weighing around 225gms at 51"
  • Available with either a T or Palm grip at no additional cost
  • Manufacturer's 12 month warranty - Please note, this does not include blade face damage
  • Made in the USA
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