Dragon Cushion - G

Dragon Cushion Model G is manufactured by Dragon Saddle. It has a grip surface all the way around and comfy long lasting foam. Designed for those who don't need as much padding as the original Dragon Saddle.

Convenient carry loop slips over paddle shaft, so you don't have to carry it!

IDBF compliant
Price: $ 38.00
Product Details

Made from:

  • 100% Chloroprene, the highest quality neoprene available! It will stay soft and won't go hard over time like some
  • slip resistant grip surface all the way round



  • Approximately 33cm long
  • 16cm wide, and
  • 2cm high


Weight: Approximately 250g



  • Hand wash with soap or cleaning products specially formulated for watersports
  • Keep out of prolonged time in direct sunlight to avoid colour fading


If you have any questions or would like any further information about our seat pads please don't hesitate to contact us.